Lose and Snooze - great concept right?  Not just a concept but you really can lose while you snooze; weight loss, fat loss and gain muscle - IN YOUR SLEEP. The BEST diet and weight loss products.  

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Lose and snooze? Lose inches?  Burn fat?  Shed pounds? Not only lose weight, fat and inches but also snooze better too?

Do all this effortlessly; in your sleep.  Create new muscle? Do you want to feel more refreshed and toned? Repair what has been lost; elasticity? 

Expand your wallet, while your stomach gets flatter? (See our Affiliate Program.)

This may sound too good to be true but it is not.  Collagen liquid has been proven to help you lose fat and gain muscle and you'll also get a more restful sleep. Wake up more refreshed than you have in years.

Lose While You Snooze Liquid, a complete amino acid complex present in collagen, helps you to gain back muscle.  Whenever you create new muscle you burn fat.  That is a fact!

Look at the great collagen and diet weight loss products in our store:

Lose While You Snooze liquid or gelcaps, 1Day Diet Wafers Chocolate and Vanilla,  Diet One Day Wafers Strawberry and Butterscotch, One Day Protein meal replacement shakes, Calotren liquid or gelcaps, Weight Loss Green Coffee and other great diet products too.


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1One Day Diet Wafers Whole Family Products

One Day Diet Wafers and Lose While You Snooze Duo One Day Diet Wafers and Lose While You Snooze Trio
1 One Day Diet Wafers have 180 wafers per bottle:  That's 9 days and not 7 and 40 more than other brands. Diet One Day Wafers with 200 wafers per bottle (60 more than others)

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Diet One Day Tablets
(200 tablets per bottle)

 Lose While You Snooze
collagen gel caps

Lose While You Snooze collagen liquid
Diet One Day have 200 wafers per bottle:  That's 10 days and 60 more than other brands.

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calotren collagen weightloss capsules and liquid

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Raspberry Keytones

Weight Loss Green Coffee

  Calotren comes in liquid or capsules.

1 One Day Diet Wafersby Whole Family Products:  
Buy 2 and save; or 3 and save even more.  1Day Diet Wafers have 180 wafe
rs in Malted Vanilla or Malted Chocolate.  With 1Day Diet Wafers you eat 12-20 per day and each bottle yields 9-15 diet days and remember that means on this diet your bottle will last for 18-30 days, because of the non-diet days.  1/$37.95 or 3/$33.95 each, - Malted Chocolate or Malted Vanilla

Lose While You Snooze Liquid Gelcaps:  $23.95 or less:  So much less than our competitors but a full 750mg of collagen per capsule.   Lose While You Snooze Gel Caps.  Take them with you in your purse. Same benefits as Lose and Snooze or Lose While You Snooze; easier to take. You can even take during the day on an empty stomach. Lose While You Snooze Gel Caps, easier to take for those who don't want liquid.  Lose While You Snooze Collagen Gel Caps. 120 Caps - Take 3-4 on an empty stomach, just before bed. This product may be used on an empty stomach in the day time as well.

Calotren Liquid and Gelcap - Why Calotren?:   Calotren comes in liquid or capsules. Free Lose While You Snooze with your Calotren order.
  • Safe, all natural
  • No caffeine or stimulants.
  • No ephedrine or amphetamines.
  • No known reports of interfering. with any medications.
  • No known side effects.
  • May help muscle tone & help strengthen joints.
  • May assist in supporting lean muscle which can result in loss of body inches and weight loss.
  • May help increase energy & stamina due to the body burning off excess fats and sugars more efficiently.
  • Liquid collagen weight loss.

OK so back to Lose and Snooze .net's top products: Lose While You Snooze and One Day Diet Wafers :

What do you hope to achieve?   Just as it took several months to gain your unwanted weight, similarly, it will take time to lose this weight permanently. Most people who use the Lose While You Snooze weight loss product typically lose a healthy one pound per week. But remember, the healthy weight loss process of losing inches of fat, while building lean muscle, drives the reshaping of your body. You will be very pleased with the transformation to the new slimmer, you. You will delight in your reflection in the mirror as you continue your weight loss plan with the Lose and Snooze System.  Remember also that these results are without dieting.  Add dieting to Lose While You Snooze will further enhance the weight loss and fat reduction.

For those dieters who want to lose more than 30 lbs., you may want to “kick it up a notch” by using High Power Diet Pack and Ultra Weight loss Pack

Don’t Wait – Start Reshaping Your Body for that New Wardrobe Today!

If you have ever attempted to lose weight, or keep weight off without success, you know how difficult, unrewarding, frustrating and sometimes even unhealthy your diet experience can be.

· Contain natural ingredients without drugs or stimulants

· Promote vigorous fat burning through your natural metabolic process 

· Preserve and build lean muscle while you sleep

· Feed your cells with the proper nutrition needed for healthy living

  Naturally support high energy levels

You have nothing to lose, except fat and unwanted inches!

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