1 - One Day Diet Wafers by Whole Family Products

So much more with our 1Day Diet Wafers - 180 per bottle vs 140 as with others.  That's up to 9 diet days instead of 7 per bottle.

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Recognizing that achieving your weight goal is often not an easy task because of the many restrictions on your food choices, 1 Day Diet Wafers has developed a revolutionary concept in dieting - on that allows you to eat sensible, "normal" meals one day and then diet one day with delicious, nutritious wafers and fruit. Available in 2 yummy flavors of wafers (Swiss Chocolate and French Vanilla).

Swiss Chocolate (180 Wafers) and French Vanilla (180 Wafers)   

Each bottle will cover 7-9 diet days and 7-9 non diet days.  If you are purchasing for a month, consider purchasing more in order not to interrupt the diet.

What it does:

The principal method used in all weight-loss plans is to reduce your caloric intake. Caloric reduction, along with improved nutritional habits and exercise, encourages weight loss. With the 1 One Day Diet, you diet one day and eat sensibly the next, taking in less calories overall. The Wafers help you to maintain your normal activities during the program; full of vitamins and minerals.  These wafers have 1 full gram of protein EACH.

Read more about our 1 - One Day Diet Wafers and How to Use them on the One1DayDiet page.

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1 Day Diet Wafers should not be confused with the SummerTime One Day Diet or Affinity One Day Diet or the Original One Day Diet.  Our product has nearly 25% more per bottle and costs less.