Break down fat, firm up and slim down. You don't have to exercise to slim easily! This is an amazing product. Firm up and reduce fat, relieve pain and you can even rid yourself of parasites (which along with toxins can be your hidden enemy.)  You won't believe what this machine will do and the many uses.  Reflexology and pulse energy is THE way to go.  

This product is the best thing since bread slicers.  The Electro Reflex Energizer is a tens machine for the home use and when applied to fatty areas of the body covering muscle can actually work the muslces without you having to do the excercise.

Have you heard before that toxins in the body hold fat cells at ransome?  Do you know that when you detox your cells you actually release toxins that are holding onto fat and you cleanse the colon at the same time?

Our Electro Reflex Energizers are $60 under retail.  You won't find them anywhere else for less. 
Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine

HTE Hothouse Infrared FAR Spa Dome

BREAK DOWN FAT and firm up while you watch TV or read a book. 

You will never want to be with out it again.

This machine will last a very long time and has many applications as well as weight management and body sculpting.  
Retail: $479.95 Ours: $419.00

Chi Machine:    

The Chi Machine is an internationally patented product that Dr. Suizuo Inoue spent 38 years researching and developing according to Tai Chi movement principles. Resonance effects enhance circulation, align the spine, increase oxygen intake, activate cell rejuvenation, enhance immune system function, adjust autonomy within the nervous system, and stimulate internal organs. It works just like a therapeutic massager.

Hothouse Spa   
Using the HotHouse and Body Profile together makes a strong formula for success.

The heating and decomposing of unwanted fat assists you in achieving slenderness by directly aiming at particular targets such as your waistline, belly, ABS andd thighs. If you combine the Chi Machine you may also remove unnecessary body fluid.

Body ProfileBody Profile  SHAPE YOUR FIGUREEShape each inch of your skin and reshape your figure with Body Profile. Just a small amount of Body Profile helps you achieve a more effective, faster weight loss while "sculpting" your shape for fabulous results.   $69.955

Massage to lose weight and fat:
The technology has come a long way in a short time and can now penetrate the hypodermic fat deeply by disintegrating the fat by vibration, and scattering the stubborn fatty tissue directly.

ELECTRO REFLEX ENERGIZERThe ultra-low wave ELECTRO REFLEX ENERGIZER (ERE) can penetrate the muscle to stimulate the high-speed micro vibration, which decomposes the unnecessary calories and expands the capillaries to carry off the waste in your body. The muscle produces powerful movement contraction by ultra-low wave stimulation. The ERE also takes care of the fatty tissue as it devitalizes fat and calories to firm your skin and muscles.

There are 3 massage modes that you can apply to all of the acupuncture points on your body including your feet, thighs, waist, arms and shoulders. The ERE’s gentle relaxing massage can enhance metabolism function and relieve tense muscles while effectively loosening and decomposing stubborn fat cells. You can put the pads on wherever you want to slim down and achieve the best weight loss results. 

The movement of the ERE is also good for: Eliminating tiredness, Relieving soreness, Massaging deep into the tissue, Enhancing immunity, Speeding up your metabolism and detoxifing your body (as indicated by the charts.)

Some benefits of Body Profile. 

  • Guarana extract - Caffeine contributes to weight loss and overall weight control due to increased Cholesterol elimination rates.
  • Cinnamon (an essential oil) - Cinnamon helps to increase blood circulation and will relax muscle tension in addition to increasing Cholesteol elimination rate.
  • Casaicin - Capsaicin increases adrenalin secretions to expedite circulation and can promote fat liquefaction.
  • Ginger Oil - Tumeric promotes blood circulation and detoxification.  The unique ingredients of Cinnamon oil, Guarana and Ginger extracts, easily penetrates your skin to reactivate blood circulation, reduce water retention and cellulite.  Also, it enables your skin to regain its silky smoothness and firmness.
  • CAUTION:  Be sure to avoid getting Body Profile in the eyes and mouth. For external use only.
THE CHI MACHINE IS FOR YOU; Oxygenate your cells while lying down! A product that blends the ancient arts with the modern technology for a unique and therapeutic experience.
FDA Regulated as a Class 1 Medical Device

The benefits of a therapeutic massager :
  • Temporarily relieves minor muscle aches, pains and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion
  • Temporarily increases local blood circulation
  • Relaxes muscles locally
  • Induces the Alpha wave of relaxation in our brain.
  • Provides a unique feeling, The Chi Rush
Lastly, is the Hothouse.  Lay under the hothouse while using the Chi machine and the Body Profile Cream...  Read more about these things at http://www.theslimmingspa.com